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PRESS RELEASE: Appeal was made that Mr. Balvant Singh Rojana and Afzal Guroo shall not be hanged to death

In an extra ordinary meeting of the Jammu and Kashmir High court Bar Association execution of death sentence to Balvant Singh Rojana convict in Beant Singh murder case in Punjab and death Sentence awarded to Afzal Guroo in parliament case and the political fallout of these likely executions was discussed and it was observed that both Balvant Singh Rojana and Afzal Guroo were tried in a mock trial. The trial in both the cases is not fair in dependent and according to the international standards of administration of justice. Both Balvinder Singh Rojana and Afzal Guroo are essentially prisoners of conscious as both of them are sought to be punished for holding particular political beliefs. In the meeting an appeal was made that Mr. Balvant Singh Rojana and Afzal Guroo shall not be hanged to death and the President of India should grant clemency in favour of both the convicts. The death sentence is unacceptable punishment in the modern civilized world because all the international human rights conventions and norms disapprove death sentence at international level.
In the meeting the police action on peaceful protestors at Lal Chowk Srinagar was condemned in which dozens of protestors were mercilessly beaten and subjected to State violence, who were protesting against the proposed execution of death sentence of Mr. Balvant Singh Rojana. It is pertinent to mention that more than 40 peaceful protestors including the arrest of Senior Advocate Mr. Onkar Singh Bali, Advocate Bikram Singh and Advocate Satinder Singh were arrested and subjected to inhuman torture.
In the meeting the murderous assault by the activists of ABVP on Syed Ali Shah Geelani Senior Hurriyat Leader in Delhi was condemned and this episode was held as an insult to the Kashmiri nation. The Hindu Chauvinists have committed grave offences and they should be prosecuted and punished under law. In the meeting it was observed that these kinds of acts by the Hindu Chauvinists by the instance of Indian Intelligence agencies cannot deter the people of J&K from pursuing the path of freedom but these kinds of events surely strengthen the political beliefs of the people of J&K and their determination for the cause of freedom and decolonization of the state of J&K.

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