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In a two day conference on National Consultation on Human Rights on 19th and 20th of November 2011, conducted under the auspices of Human Rights Law network at India Islamic Centre at Lodhi Garden New Delhi India, the General Secretary of the J&K High Court Bar Association Mr. G. N. Shaheen Advocate while making a presentation on behalf of the J&K High Court Bar Association urged India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue through peaceful means in accordance with the United Nations Resolutions dated 13.08.1948 and 05.01.1949 and appeal the International Community to call upon the India and Pakistan to resolve this long pending most contentious dispute to create a peaceful atmosphere in the sub continent for economic development and lasting peace and security in the region. He said that India and Pakistan are two insatiable hostile nuclear neighboring countries and the Kashmir conflict has inherent dangerous potential to force India and Pakistan in a nuclear clash which will result in gross catastrophe in the south Asian region. The pendency of the Kashmir issue is a cause of conflict in the sub continent with international ramifications and a cause of blood shed in Kashmir. Mr. Sanjay Kak Filmmaker and Prominent Journalist Mr. Iftikhar Geelani were the co-speakers in the penal discussion with the General Secretary of the Bar Association.
The gravity and intensity of the human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir can be viewed in the back drop of military concentration in the state. More than one million members of Indian Army and other para military forces are in active war with the unarmed civilians which has resulted in extra judicial killing of more than one lakh and thirty thousand people past 21 years besides random and illegal arrests of more than three lac people. The armed conflict is consuming life, honour and dignity of the people of J&K. more than three thousand women have been sexually assaulted by the forces in operation and more than ten thousand innocent youth are missing in custody after arrests. The unmarked mass graves have been recently unearthed and the number is 2,757 by independent observations in district Kupwara, Baramulla and Bandipora only which has created a panic among the kiths and kins of the victim families. In past two years the occupation authorities have resorted to fresh policy of genocide by killing teenager students and arrests of such tender age boys. He said that in 2010, 124 school going children were killed by the occupation forces and more than five thousand young boys of tender boys have been arrested and detained under draconian laws. He said that on one hand the illegal arrests and detentions are cause of concern and on the other hand the police agencies have commercialized this phenomena for their personal and monetary gains.
Mr. G. N. Shaheen, while presenting the grave human rights situation in the conference for immediate attention of all concerned observed that the Govt. of India in order to perpetuate the genocide and gross abuse of human rights are legitimizing the same under the legal cover of draconian laws resultantly none of the perpetrators is being prosecuted and punished under law. He pointed out that revocation of AFSPA, Disturbed Areas Act and PSA and other draconian laws can minimize the sufferings of the people till the resolution of the Kashmir dispute is finally sought out. He said that none of these legislations match the requirements of international standards of law making. It is imperative to revoke these draconian laws. The reluctance of the Govt. of India and in capability of the state Govt. in revoking these laws reflects a gruesome and pathetic state of affairs with regard to the state of J&K.
He said the Human Rights Defenders have always been under attack in J&K. The Kashmir Bar Association has lost almost a dozen of lawyers past 20 years besides dozens of lawyers have been detained from time to time for the charges of defending the victims before the courts, among them Mr. Jaleel Andrabi, Mr. Abdul Qadir Sailani, Mr. Mohammad Sultan Bhat, Mr. Mohammad Abdullah Rather, Mr. Sheikh Mohammad Hussain and others prominently figure in the list of Human Rights defenders who have been killed in J&K from the lawyers community. Besides lawyers the journalists and media is under constant attack, half a dozen journalists have been attacked at the behest of security agencies among whom attack on the BBC correspondent Mr. Yousuf Jameel is a leading example, Cameraman Mushtaq Ahmad and Muzaffar have been killed. Mr. Iftikhar Geelani the co-speaker in the session and Mr. Maqbool Sahil were incarcerated in jails without trial for more than 1 and 5 years respectively. Prominent Human Rights Activist Miss Asiya Jeelani was killed in mine blast while covering the army operations on the day of elections. The President of the Bar Association Mr. Mian Abdul Qayoom was detained under PSA three times connectively since 07.07.2007 and similarly the general Secretary of the Bar Association G. N. Shaheen was also successively detained under PSA three times since 17.07.2010 and both of us had to go under incarceration in different jails and interrogation centres for long period of more than nine months with experiences of humiliation physical and mental agony. The intervention by international agencies like Amnesty International and other international bodies could pave way for our release. The simultaneous arrest and detention of the President and the General Secretary of the Bar Association is speaking for itself with regard to the gravity and magnitude of the Human Rights Violations in J&K.
At the end of his presentation Mr. Shaheen made a fervent appeal to all peace loving people to come forward in resolving the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the wishes of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and extended an open invitation to all the participants in the conference for attending One Human Rights Conference to be conducted by the J&K High Court Bar Association at Srinagar on 09th and 10th December 2011

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