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Unabated spate of extra judicial killings in Kashmir..Tengpora youth killed on 10th July ..Death toll exceeds 22

In the after math of killing of  Burhan Wani and his associates unabated violence and protests have erupted in whole Kashmir. Imposing curfew restrictions everywhere ,snapping mobile services and internet and denying basic facilities to the citizens, the Police authorities are giving fantastic replies to the queries of journalists. The situation is highly volatile as the statements of Politicians from ruling BJP are more provocative than soothing. The Bar Association has already condemned the police action while killing the innocent people in cold blood and unprecedented restrictions, atrocities unleashed throughout the length and breadth of the valley. Imposing curfew restrictions and deploying number of security forces in the civilian has made the life of the people miserable. Worst  kind of human rights violations are being committed by the security forces already enjoying impunity, protection and patronage of the government. The state already having been declared as a disturbed area and security forces already having unbridled power and authority under Armed Forces Special Powers Act, all the basic freedoms of an individual including the right to life or right to exist is denied. Only thing which the citizens caught up in the situation can do is to the conscience of the world community to intervene  at this stage.