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PRESS RELEASE Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory on both sides of the cease fire line.

Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory on both sides of the cease fire line. Neither the paucity of time nor the state repression can change the nature of the dispute, nor, the people of Jammu and Kashmir could be forced to abandon the freedom struggle. Peace stability and secured economic development could not be achieved in the sub continent in hostile atmosphere as the entire sub continent is in a nuclear crucible in view of the Kashmir issue. It is imperative upon India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the wishes of the people of Jammu and Kashmir on the basis of universally recognized and governable principle of people’s right to self determination. The UN resolutions on Kashmir are bed rock of the legacy of the Kashmir dispute and the situation demands referendum in accordance with the UN resolutions on Kashmir dispute in finding out a peaceful, political solution of the Kashmir dispute. The republic day of India has no meaning in Jammu and Kashmir, as the Govt. of India and its surrogate agencies have suppressed the basic Human Rights as well as basic democratic and political rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir past 64 years during its occupation. Accordingly the people of Jammu and Kashmir observe this day as a ‘Black Day’. These views were expressed by the General Secretary of the Bar Association Advocate G. N. Shaheen while addressing a condolence meeting at Khanyar Srinagar today on the 17th of January 2012, held on the rasm-i-chaharum of Late Sheikh Abdul Rouf Dalal Advocate who passed away on 13th of January 2012. While paying rich tributes to the departed soul and extending solidarity and sympathy with the members of the bereaved family Mr. Shaheen said, that Sheikh Abdul Rouf has a political legacy of his father Sheikh Abdul Salam Dalal who was the frontline leader in the freedom struggle in his times and a prominent leader of Muslim Conference. The sacrifices of Abdul Salam Dalal are a Golden Chapter in the national history of Jammu and Kashmir and at this occasion we all should pledge to continue with our efforts to lead the freedom struggle to its logical end. In case we fail to test the pulse of the times the coming generations will have repentance upon us. Our freedom struggle faces short comings and at times reverses because of the leadership failures. The present political spectrum in Jammu and Kashmir doesn’t reflect a positive note, as our freedom struggle passes through critical phenomena of diversity in unity. The freedom leadership has to rise to the occasion to forge political leadership in the ranks and file of the freedom movement. A divided kingdom can never defend its adversaries and succeed to success.