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PRESS RELEASE Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association while reiterating its demand for demilitarization of the state of J&K

Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association while reiterating its demand for demilitarization of the state of J&K expresses its deep concern on making withdrawal of AFSPA a debate by the ruling collation. In fact neither National Conference nor the Congress Party is interested in withdrawal of AFSPA but have enforced a debate on an issue to over shadow the gravity and increasing public and international opinion about unmarked mass grave issue which has attracted international attention. It is pertinent to mention that even the European Parliament and the British Parliament debated upon this issue which has become a cause of concern for the Govt. of India at international level. The international attention with regard to the unmarked mass grave issue has caused embracement to the Indian establishment in Jammu and Kashmir and across the globe; therefore, the so called state Govt. has been used to enforce a debate to mesmerize the public opinion and create a mirage to deceive the international opinion. The denial of the 15th Corpus Commander of Indian Army Lft. General Mr. Husnain about the discussions with regard to the withdrawal of the AFSPA in unified command meetings belies the Chief Minister Abdullah’s assertion that the sensitive issue was discussed in the unified command council meetings. The conflict of opinion in Home Ministry and the Defense Ministry of India as well as the military establishment and political establishment in J&K reveals that the withdrawal of AFSPA is a political debate only rather than a reality. Whatever be the motives of the debate irrespective of that, the withdrawal of the draconian laws including AFSPA, Disturbed Areas Act which legitimize the inhuman and unjustified military suppression in Jammu and Kashmir is necessary to minimize the sufferings of the people besides being a step forward towards the resolution of the Kashmir issue.
The Bar Association is deeply concerned about the random arrests of school going children by the state police especially in the downtown Srinagar. The random arrests of the tender age boys has assumed the character of commercial activity for the Kashmir police as it is observed by the Bar Association that the families of the victims are charged huge amounts by the Kashmir police for the release of their tender age kids even on bail orders granted by the courts of competent jurisdiction. These arrests are described as ransom arrests in criminal jurisprudence which practice is used to extort money by the corrupt official and Bar Association calls for abandonment of such practice.