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PRESS RELEASE: 13-06-20-11 In memory of Shaheed Tufail Ahmad Mattoo on his first death anniversary

In memory of Shaheed Tufail Ahmad Mattoo on his first death anniversary a seminar was conducted at his home in Saida Kadal Srinagar in which besides general public various important activists from civil society participated and addressed the seminar. The seminar was organized by Tahfuz-i-Haqooqi Insaani Committee Saida Kadal Srinagar and presided over Mohammad Ashraf Mattoo the father of Shaheed Tufail Ahmad Mattoo. The participants unanimously demanded independent and impartial probe into the killings of 2010 including the death of Tufail Ahmad Mattoo at international level by some world body preferably by united Nations Human Rights Commission or by Amnesty International London UK as the state institutions are denying justice in these killings which fact is witnessed by non registration of FIR in concerned Police stations and denial and arrest of the offenders. In the seminar the participants expressed their absolute solidarities with the bereaved families and paid rich tributes to the martyrs including Tufail Ahmad Mattoo. The reason behind the inaction and non prosecution of the offenders is that the criminals involved in these cases are men in uniform. In the seminar it was observed that the state Govt. at the behest of the central Govt. and other security agencies are gagging media with impunity and the registration of FIR in police station Kothibagh against Nayeema Mehjoor News Editor BBC London is a fresh example. Through a unanimous resolution the registration of FIR against Nayeema Mehjoor was condemned and described as an act to suppress the free voice and unconditional withdrawal of FIR was demanded. It was observed in the seminar that though there is denial of institutional justice in these murder cases yet the civil society and the family of the victims will knock the doors of justice existent in the system in order to seek arrest, prosecution and punishment of the guilty.
Advocate G. N. Shaheen, general Secretary of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association Srinagar while observing his views said that there is blatant denial of justice by the relevant institutions as such these killings deserves to be probed by an independent and impartial international agency to unveil the truth and bring guilty to justice. The killings amount crimes against humanity and as such an international humanitarian laws and agency deserves to be invited for seeking justice. He further said that data based documentation of killings deserves to be ensued and the legal and financial problems of the bereaved families deserve a thorough look so that the actual victims who are the concerned bereaved families are consoled and healing touch is given to their wounds. In this regard Mr. Shaheen proposed a committee to be constituted for this job which idea was later-on endorsed by the speakers. He further said that various forces are at work to submerge the basic Kashmir issue under the debrice of non-issues and rejected the views of Ram Jet Malani that Kashmir is an issue of democracy and not of plebiscite. The fact of the matter is that the Kashmir is historically and politically issue of plebiscite and not of democracy. He equally rejected the views of Mani Shanker Aiyer that Panchayats in J&K are a substitute of self rule. It is a hard reality that the constitution of Municipal Corporation and local bodies cannot be substitute of plebiscite.
Senior Executive Editor of Kashmir Times group of news papers Mrs. Anurada Baseen Jamwal condemned the innocent killings and observed that there is no justification for these ruthless killings and cold blood murders. It is our experience that there is denial of institutional justice in these politically motivated killings since 1990 and the Human Rights Violations deserves to be probed and the authorities need to be called upon to observe respect for Human rights and restore the Human Rights values in J&K. She said that Kashmir is a problem and the Human Rights violations have aggravated the dimensions in the situation. She said that Human Rights Violations are unacceptable and everyone should raise voice against these violations.
Mr. Ghulam Ali Gulzar prominent thinker and writer called upon the people of Jammu and Kashmir to forge unity among their ranks and file so that the entire nation moves forward unitedly for achievement of the common objectives. The right of self determination is an inalienable right of any nation and the demand for self determination is a people’s voice just and fair.
Miss Parveena Ahanger is a chairperson of APDP while sharing her experiences in the struggle for seeking whereabouts of the missing persons told that I have thousands of cases in hand where the families of missing persons are struggling for justice at local and international level in courts and before other human rights agencies. While consoling the family of Shaheed Tufail Ahmad Mattoo she told that my son is missing since 1990 and I have not lost hope despite being kicked out at every door of the state institution yet I am struggling to find the grave of my son. She promised to continue her struggle till death and promised to share the pains and pleasures of all victims irrespective of their creed.
Other prominent speakers including Mohammad Amin Bhat Advocate, Rafiq Ahmad Bazaz Advocate Chairman Tehfuz Committee, Dr. Zahid, Mohammad Umar student leader stressed upon the need for sustained struggle on legal front to seek justice in the 2010 killings and promised to support the family in this endeavor.
At the end of the proceedings the president of the seminar and father of Tufail Ahmad Mattoo, Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Mattoo while thanking the participants in the seminar in his presidential address observed that I am shocked by the conduct of the state institutions in justice delivery system. Despite the lapse of one year and constant struggle before the courts yet we are not able to see registration of the FIR in Tufail’s case. Never the less I have not lost hope I will continue to pursue peaceful and legal recourse in seeking justice in the killing of my son by the men in uniform. Now I feel what is befalling upon the families of the victims who have lost their kiths and kins since last 20 years. he impressed upon the fact that the blood of the martyrs should not get waste and we have to reorient our efforts to achieve the objective for which the martyrs have laid their lives and the state repression should end sooner the better. While endorsing the idea of data based documents of killings since 1990 and plight of the bereaved families he expressed his promise of cooperation in this Endeavour if same happens at any level. He thanked Indian civil society and other international organizations who have shown and expressed their concern over the innocent killings in Jammu and Kashmir and once again appealed the Indian civil society to come forward in promotion of human rights cause in Jammu and Kashmir so that further more families are not put into state of sorry affairs and subjected to persistent pain.
At the end of seminar it was unanimously resolved to call Saida Kadal Chowk as Shaheed Tufail Mattoo Chowk and in this behalf a memento was displayed.