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J&K High Court Bar Association Srinagar, acclaims the role played and the sacrifices offered by Jammu Muslims in the ongoing struggle for the right of self-determination of the people of J&K and finds heavily indebted to them on that score.
In a meeting held here today, the Executive Committee members of the Bar Association, while paying rich tributes to the Jammu martyrs of 1947, clearly and candidly stated that in November, 1947, around three lac Muslims, men, women and children, who constituted 62% of Jammu Province’s Population, were massacred by ruthless forces of Maharaja, RSS Goons and Hindu fanatics, to pave way for Hindus and Sikhs to occupy their properties and change the demography of Jammu Province. It was also stated that this fact was also acknowledged by Mahatma Gandhi, the tallest leader of India on 27.11.1947, when he noted the considerable and unreported Hindu accesses in Jammu. The next day, he again spoke of Hindus and Sikhs killing Muslims in Jammu, in presence of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah and when Abdullah, who had recently been to Jammu confirmed the Jammu atrocities, Gandhi reproached him for betraying his people’s trust, by not having the Maharaja’s power curtailed.
In his book “Kashmir – the unwritten history”, published in 2013, Christopher Snedden, an Australian, politico-strategic analyst, with reference to the killing of Muslims in Jammu in November 1947, while putting the figure of Muslims killed in Jammu at 2,37,000, has also stated that after meeting Gandhi, in December, 1947, Ian Stephens, believed that Gandhi’s despairing mood before his assassination on 30th of January, 1948, could be explained more by his knowledge of Hindus accesses in Jammu than by the carnage in Delhi, concurred by Sheikh Abdullah, by saying that Maharaja’s fanning of communal hatred in Jammu slashed his soul. The subsequent reports also blamed Maharaja and his wife for prosecuting so disgraceful a campaign of persecution that was a systematic modification of the population in favour of non-Muslim elements”.
It was also stated that the policy of persecution started in 1947 against Jammu Muslims, continues even today, as they are, on one or the other reason, hounded and humiliated by Hindu fanatics and even efforts afoot to drive out Rohingya Muslims from Jammu, who have been permitted to settle there till the conditions in their own country, return to normalcy and they are in a position to go back honorably to their own country.