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PRESS RELEASE: 02-07-2008 Today an extraordinary meeting of Kashmir Bar Association was convened under the chairmanship of Bar President Advocate N. A. Ronga

Today an extraordinary meeting of Kashmir Bar Association was convened under the chairmanship of Bar President Advocate N. A. Ronga in which the present situation of the Kashmir was discussed. The Bar Association lauds the people for their resilience and the historic demonstrations against the forest land transfer to the SASB by the Govt. the people have acted as torch bearers of unity to the Hurriyat and other allied leadership as such the respected leaders should honour the people’s verdict for forgoing the unity by presenting a united single face, common policy and common programme in order to lead this movement to its justified logical conclusion. The jubilation of the people over successfully achieving their object viz-a-viz the withdrawal of the illegal order of land transfer by the Govt. is appreciated.
The Bar Association also appreciates the role of all of its members and all other district Bar Associations by showing their immediate and serious concern towards the issue. Bar Association also congratulates and felicitates (ACALT) especially Advocate Mian Abdul Qayoom Ex-President Bar Association for playing a spear heading role in this people’s struggle along-with the President Bar Association Advocate Nazir Ahmad Ronga and the subsequent success.
The Bar Association is deeply concerned about the role of Hindu fanatics in Jammu region who are hell bent on creating communal disharmony and fanning religious divide & hatred in order to meet their own nefarious designs. To foil such evil designs of Hindu fanatics the Bar Association appeals to all people of different faiths minority as well as majority, to not to be swayed or provoked by the hostile attitude of such unscrupulous elements and maintain the communal harmony and universal brotherhood in the greater interest of Kashmir and its people at large.
The Bar Association suspended today’s work in the courts in protest against the murderous assault by way of hurling of hand grenade and firing a volley of rounds at the residential house of Mr. Parvez Imroz Advocate, respectable member of the Bar Association and renowned Human Rights Activist. The Bar Association condemns this dastardly act of these elements who are trying to deter Mr. Imroz from performing his onerous job of highlighting the human right violations in the state of Jammu and Kashmir by these acts. The Bar Association uni-vocally makes it known to all such elements, that taking recourse to such dastardly acts cannot break the will and determination of Mr. Imroz to highlight Human Rights Violations.