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Press releae …28.7.2016

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Jammu and Kashmir

high court bar association

Srinagar Kashmir

HCBA/CON/09-97 31.07.2016

press release

J&K High Court Bar Association, Srinagar strongly condemns the continuous use of pellet guns by the police and CRPF personnel and terms the same barbaric as also an act of planned genocide of innocent Kashmiris, who are fighting for their right of self-determination and instead of conceding the said right of theirs, the Indian Military might and their collaborators in Kashmir, are brutalizing, killing and blinding them with impunity and the UNO and the other World Human Rights Bodies who are committed to save the people from the state onslaught, are watching the same as mute, unmindful and unconcerned spectators.

While showing their solidarity with those who have been killed by bullets and blinded with pellets, the Bar Association wants to remind the people that actually the policy of blinding the Kashmiri people was conceived in 2010, when pellet guns were first introduced in the valley and more than 117 people were killed in that year by bullets and use of pellet guns. In 2010 as well as in 2016 the target of bullets and pellets has been the teenagers so that they are either killed or rendered incapacitated forever.

As per newspaper reports the internationally acclaimed vitreous specialist Dr. S. Natrajan, who has conducted 46 retina surgeries in three days in SMHS Hospital, Srinagar, has stated that pellets are lethal and that the situation in Kashmir is grave as well as an emergent one and that at least 140 of the injured have their retina damaged by the pellets. He has also stated that the injuries suffered by the patients are bad and that it is a disaster like situation and he has seen such a situation for the first time in his life.

In view of the categoric opinion of Dr. S. Natrajan, about pellets being lethal, the forces should have abandoned the use of pellet guns and allowed the people to protest peacefully, but while the ruthless forces are continuing to hit the people with pellets and everyday dozens of teenagers are received in SMHS Hospital Srinagar with pellet injuries, Mehbooba Mufti is, on the one hand praising these forces and simultaneously is assuring the pellet victims that the State Govt. is committed to provide all assistance to them. Normally she should have directed the forces to stop the use of pellet guns, but as she is a puppet and there is nothing in her hands and it is the Indian Home Ministry which is running the affairs of the State and it is they who have given free hand to their ruthless forces to kill, maim and blind Kashmiris, so that they don’t ask for freedom from Indian subjugation and despite this position being known to everyone, the World Community is showing no concern to bring an end to the miseries and sufferings of the people of Kashmir, so that they can also live a peaceful life, like other people living around the World.

It is in the aforesaid context that the Bar Association, in order to stop the forces to use bullets and pellet guns to kill people or blind them forever, has filed a PIL before the Hon’ble High Court praying therein that the use of pellet guns be totally banned as a means of crowd control and the officers who took the decision of using the pellet guns after 08.07.2016 be prosecuted and punished and those who have suffered injuries due to the use of pellet guns, besides being paid the compensation, be also got treated by competent and well trained doctors in or outside the State at state expenses. The Bar Association expects that the High Court, will exercise its plenary power of safeguarding the rights and interests of the people and direct all the functionaries of the Govt. including the ruthless forces to respect the dignity and the fundamental freedoms of the people and allow them to express themselves freely and without and fear of gun or pellet or reprisal of any other kind. The Bar Association expects that the Writ Petition being of emergent nature, will be ordered to be listed by Hon’ble The Chief Justice, on Monday the 01st of August, 2016 itself and necessary orders as solicited therein will be passed by the Court after providing an opportunity of being heard to the Bar Association.

Anwar-ul-Islam Shaheen,

joint Secretary,

J&K High Court,

Dated : 31.07.2016 Bar Association, Srinagar.