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Killing of Burhan Wani opens a new chapter in the history of Kashmir

I can’t control my tears after reading the news that despite losing her second son ,the mother of Shaheed ‪#‎Burhan_wani‬ is standing like a mountain and chanting slogans “tum kitne burhan maaro ge ….. Ghar ghar se Burhan nikle ge….” & in addition to this she said I am ready to sacrifice my 3rd son for the pious cause ….!
Salute to her !!

It is high time for our leadership to defy curfew and assemble at a common point and sit there , people will follow them there from all the corners . It took 26 years to build this environment in Kashmir from shaheed ashfaq Wani to shaheed burhaan Wani .
We won’t get golden chances like this again and again. Leadership must defy curfew and come out .people defied curfew why can’t leadership . This is not the time for wisdom but for the action , a targeted action though. Geelani sahb , Mirwaiz ,yaseen malik and others must take this as a rarest of the rare opportunities and act accordingly as nation is united this tym . A single call will do this time .
Please Act this time please . we can’t wait for next burhan to be martyed. Asi phuot kamber ven ……khudaaraaa neertav nati gestav dast dastbardaaar !

Sabit Kashmiri's photo.