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Bar has been decided to organize a Seminar on 27th March 2013

In an extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee of the High Court Bar Association held today the 23rd March 2013, Bar has been decided to organize a Seminar on 27th March 2013 at 10.30 A.M., to deliberate and discuss on the following topics/issues:
i. “ Martyr Jalil ul Qadar Andrabi –A victim of Human Rights Violations.
ii. “Police Bill- A Tool being prepared for perpetrating Human Rights Violations in State of J&K”
Bar has invited lawyers from all affiliated Bar Associations, Academicians, Prominent members of Civil Society and Politicians to speak on the topics. It will be appreciated that speakers will provide a written version of their speech for the purpose of record.
The day of March 27th has been chosen for this conference because on that day in the year 1996 one of our beloved lawyers was martyred in custody by Indian Forces. Executive has in the same spirit decided that March 27th will be commemorated every year as the “Human Rights Defenders Day”. It will be well remembered that Bar lost their beloved members, Sheikh Mushtaq Hussain, Ghulam Qadir Sailani, Mohammad Sultan Bhat, Peer Hussam ud din, Abdul Gani Bhat and Gh. Jeelani Wani while defending the human rights of the people of J&K.



J&K High Court.