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Bar welcomes the statement of UN Secretary General Mr. Bank-i-moon

J&K High Court Bar Association Kashmir, welcome the statement of  UN Secretary General Mr. Bank-i-moon in which he has said that Kashmir issue is to be resolved in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir in a peaceful manner. It is a welcome development that international community is coming forward with a realistic approach to resolve the long pending dispute of Jammu and Kashmir, which has endangered the peace, stability and security in the south Asian region past six decades. Kashmir issue is essentially a political problem which deserves to be resolved and the United Nations has an important role in its resolution. It is imperative upon the United Nations to call upon India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir dispute at the earliest. The United Nations has moral, political and diplomatic responsibility to find out a solution to the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of the people of J&K. the normalizations of indo-pak relations is a mirage in view of the recent developments as both the countries are in arms race which fact is evident despite the indo-boon homey both the countries have tested their nuclear fire power of intercontinental long range ballistic missile capability. Both the countries are inaccessible and hostile nuclear powers and the hostility is deeply rooted in the national history of both the counties on account of the Kashmir issue which has inherent potential to endanger peace, security and stability in the region.

The Bar Association is of the view that neither the paucity of time nor the brute state repression can change the nature of the dispute or create an atmosphere of calm in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The state terrorism is at its peak in Jammu and Kashmir which fact is evident from the hundreds of killings and thousands of arrests of freedom fighters in the state of J&K. In these developments the terrorism in all shapes is condemnable and the state terrorism is more abhor able and condemnable and the United Nations Security council should call upon the Govt. of India to desist from state terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. The Jammu and Kashmir is disputed territory on both sides of the cease fire line and no political mechanicians or disinformation campaign can be successful in hiding the truth on Kashmir. It is the high time for all the parties to Kashmir dispute to accept the ground realities and in the interests of peace, security and stability in the region come forward to resolve the Kashmir dispute through peaceful means in accordance with the UN resolutions on Kashmir and in the spirit of the UN charter. Bar Association while welcoming the statement of the UN secretary general appeals the UN to practically intervene in resolving the Kashmir dispute and call upon Indian Govt. to demilitarize the state of J&K in order to improve the Human rights situation which is at its worst in J&K.

G. N. Shaheen,

General Secretary,

 J&K High Court,  Bar Association.