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19.7.2016….Press Release of Bar Association

Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association Srinagar.
July 19th 2016.
Jammu and Kashmir Bar association noticing the continuous repressive measures resorted to be the state and its functionaries including men in uniform, convened an emergency meeting of its executive members despite imposition of curfew in all districts of the valley, and in its meeting the association expressed its grief and grave concern about the unending cycle of violence resorted to by the armed forces aimed at supressing the popular voice of people seeking right of self-determination and quelling the civil protest against the indiscriminate use of force and human rights violation committed by men in uniform, which has resulted in death of more than 45 civilians which include men women and minor children and scores of people have been maimed, some turned blind due to indiscriminate use of PELLET GUN which has proved to be lethal endangering human life . The Association condemned the excessive use of force to disperse civil protest held at Qazi Gund resulting in death of three persons including one middle aged women, whose minor son aged about eight years continues to be in critical condition.
Bar Association also took serious note of the continuous arm twisting measures resorted to by the state and its functionaries in prohibiting press publication so as to prevent the outside world from getting information about the atrocities committed upon civil population of the state and save itself from ignonimity at the hands of international bodies associated with protection and preservation of civil, political and human rights. Bar association also expressed its concern about the prohibition imposed on use of internet and cell phone facility, such prohibition in the estimation of association is to prevent the state of India and local administration to have a field day in not only curbing the civil and political rights of people but also use indiscriminate use of fire power to supress the popular voice and resilience shown by the people.
Bar association also appreciated the concern shown by USA, China and UN Head, Organisation of Islamic states about the deteriorating situation prevailing in state of Jammu and Kashmir and seeking resolution of dispute in accordance with popular will of the people. The association has made fervent appeal to all Heads of States to use their good offices in persuading the state of India to desist from supressing the will of the people and use of disproportionate force against civil protestors fighting for their civil and political right of self-determination.
Bashir Sidiq