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16.7.2016…Press Release of Bar Association

Jammu and Kashmir Bar Association in its meeting today condemned the state action aimed at press gag imposed by state by resorting to illegal mode of raiding the news paper office of Greater Kashmir and seizing the printed copies of news print to prevent its distribution
Such an action is in gross violation of the fundamental right of free speech guaranteed under constitution of India.
The coercive action resorted to by the state authorities reminds of the black out imposed on the press in 1990 when Mr VP singh was heading the state of india and foreign correspondents working with BBC and Voice of America and other foreign news agencies were bundled out of state in a BSF plane to prevent outside world from knowing the atrocities committed in Kashmir during Governors rule.
Bar association also condemns the state action of arresting employees working with the news agencies .

Bashir A Dug
JK High Court Bar Association