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Situation in Kashmir demands that we act now until it is too late …..

The situation in Kashmir has turned from bad to Worst . Worst ever in the history of mankind. This peacefl , intelligent , beautiful race with humane traits is facing extinction and apprehends genocide at the hands of the occupying forces guided by a fascist regime whose track record shows a pattern of systematic organized policy to enslaving and emliinating minorities in India. Kashmir not being a part of India legally is not bound to dictats of pseudo nationlism of Hindutva protoganists. The people of Kashmir not having acceded lawfully to India due to pendency of the dispute before the Worlds Supreme body UNSC. India presented the case before UN body. Assured the people of Kashmir, India and the World Community that it is committed to hold a referendum in Kashmir and respect the peoples verdict. More that hundred thousand deaths and the whole population caught up in conflict and uncertainty indefinitley are suffering immensely. The latest wave of oppression , killings , torture and unprecedented restrictions and wrath of India media has left the whole population dumbfounded. 1700 injured persons languishing scanty unequipped hospitals are dying on daily basis. Losing their eye sights and brains to the lethal pellet guns. United nations has already taken note of the situation and the statements issued by Secretary General are encouraging. People in Kashmir need to communicate their miseries to the UN Secretary Generals Office on the address of the Spokesperson for the Secretary General Mr Stephane Dujurric , United Nations HQ, Room No: S-233 New York , NY -10017 email: Tel: +1 212 963 6172 : Skype: Stephdujarric.
Besides , the office of the High Commissioner , United Nations office of Human Rights has issued an announcement that complaints about war crimes in Kashmir, maiming of youth with pellets may be sent to UN Office of Human Right Commissioner which is the office which has set up a special procedure for setting up a committee to investigate . Photos and comments may be sent to Paul Barrow at .

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