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PRESS RELEASE 26.10.2018: 71st year of Indian Occupation of Kashmir

On the eve of 71st year of Indian Occupation of Kashmir, the members of Executive Committee of J&K High Court Bar Association Srinagar calls upon the International Community and the United Nations Security Council, to play its effective role in getting its 28 resolutions on Kashmir implemented, without further loss of time, so that peace and tranquility is established in the sub-continent and the people of Kashmir who are suffering from the last 71 years at the hands of Indian forces are in a position to live also a peaceful and honorable life.
The Executive Committee members also remind the Govt. of India that it was Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India, who besides other communications, had in his telegram dated 04.11.1947 assured Liaqat Ali Khan, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan that Indian Govt. has no desire to impose its will on Kashmir but to leave final decision to the people of Kashmir and that India has agreed on impartial international agency like United Nations supervising any referendum.
Earlier, on 31.10.1947, Pandit Nehru in another telegram to Liaqat Ali Khan, had also stated that our assurance that we shall withdraw our troops from Kashmir, as soon as peace and order are restored and leave the decision regarding the future of State to the people is not merely a pledge to your Govt. but also to the people of Kashmir and to the World. India is therefore morally as well as legally obliged to recall its troops from Kashmir to facilitate the holding of a plebiscite in the State of J&K and as it has not done so and instead in order to perpetuate its forcible occupation of Kashmir, the Indian forces have occupied every nook and corner of the State, it is therefore, the International Community, which has to come to the rescue of the people so as to redeem their sufferings and miseries, who are facing systematic and well planned genocide at the hands of Indian forces and every day, one or the other Kashmiri is butchered by these forces without any fear of reprisal or accountability.
The Executive Committee members are also of the considered opinion that the people should observe 27th of October, 2018, as a ‘Black Day’ because it was on this day in 1947 that Indian troops entered Kashmir and since then, despite the promises and pledges made by the Indian Govt. and its Leaders, they have not moved out of Kashmir.
The Executive Committee members while supporting the call given by JRL also requests the members to abstain from Court work on 27th of October, 2018.
The Executive Committee members also expresses their strong resentment against the remarks made by Governor of J&K regarding the Hurriyat Leadership and makes it clear that all the Hurriyat leaders are the genuine and real representatives of the people of Kashmir and they deserve respect by one and all including those who are thrust on the people of Kashmir by Indian Govt. to perpetuate their illegal occupation of Kashmir.

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