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Press Release for Flood Situation in Kashmir

In an extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee of

the High Court Bar Association the grave situation arising out of
devastating floods was discussed. The President of the Bar
Association Ad Mian Abdul Qayoom has expressed solidarity with the
people and victims of the flood and said that all the Bar members will
take all possible steps to help the people affected with the fury of
the floods.
Since the Relief work undertaken at present is in
disarray , it was appealed to all people concerned with relief work to
work in coordination with each other in distribution of relief and aid
to affected people under one banner.
Lawyer community all across the state is requested
to come forward and associate themselves with relief work and ensure
that relief and supplies reach the needy and deserving people in time.
The Bar Association has on its part decided to
form into a ‘Relief Coordination Committee’ and wherever the members
of the Bar Association are available , they are urged to play an
active role in help in coordination and streamlining the aid and
assistance work to the flood victims. They will remain in touch wih
the Srinagar Bar Association on the following numbers
M: 9419006975; 9797265655; 9419401118 &9419075306
The Bar Association also created a “Flood Relief Fund” in
which lawyers of state are requested to contribute generously. They
are requested to contact the Treasurer of the Bar in this behalf.
All the District and Muffassil Bar Associations are
also requested to become active and take up the coordination work at
their levels and create ‘Flood Relief Fund’ and maintain liaison with
Srinagar Bar so that relief is distributed in affected areas
Ref No: JKHCBA/09/FR/01 Dated:15.9.2014.

Ad Arshad Andrabi

High Court Bar Association

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