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FLASH NEWS/PRESS RELEASE Rasmi Chaharum of deceased Senior Lawyer Advocate Noor din Parray observed today on 09.04.2012. Bar Association reiterates its pledge to carry on the freedom struggle.

Rasm e Chaharum of deceased Senior Lawyer Advocate Noor din Parray observed today on 09.04.2012 at his ancestral home at Doniwara Chadoora Budgam in which thousands of people participated and paid homage to the departed soul and prayed for peace and solace of the deceased in heavens. The General Secretary the Bar Association Mr. G. N. Shaheen in his address while paying tributes to the deceased said that the lawyers of Kashmir have demonstrated absolute solidarity with the freedom struggle in the last 22 years and have laid sacrifices in pursuing the cause of the people. He said that the lawyers are the unanimous voice for resolution of the Kashmir issue on the principle of people’s right to self-determination. He said that Kashmir is a dispute on both sides of the cease fire line and its pendency is threat to the peace and security in the region. Neither the paucity of time nor political mechanizations can change the nature of the dispute or prevail upon the people of Jammu and Kashmir to shun the path of freedom struggle. Resolution of the Kashmir dispute is imperative for peace, security and economic development in the region and in view of the inherent potential dangers to the peace and security in the region Kashmir issue calls for a solution and India and Pakistan in consultation with the people of J&K should start a fresh beginning and pursue purposeful efforts in finding out a lasting solution to the Kashmir problem. He said the freedom sentiment is at writ large and the state repression cannot subjugate the will and collective freedom conscience of the people of J&K.
He said that Mr. Nooruddin Parray Advocate was a noble soul and embodiment of humility who never compromised with the principles in his life and was always cherishing for freedom of his nation. He will be remembered by the lawyers in their hearts and thoughts forever.

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