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Bar strongly condemns the fresh wave of extra judicial killings and state terror in Kashmir

Srinagar ,July 26
Despite complete restrictions and continue stage of seige in valley of Kashmir , Bar Association fulfilling its solemn duty of fighting for the rights of the people has been condemning the atrocities , barbaric and inhuman treatment meted out to the innocent citizens ,especially the younger generation of Kashmiris by targeting them with lethal weapons manufactured in Indian Ordinance Factories not conforming to any international standards. The biased Indian media has been always supportive of its ‘security forces’ and projected a biased picture of Kashmir . The venomous propaganda, prejudiced media trials and caustic propaganda against Kashmiri people has eroded every iota of faith in the people about Indian democracy and claims of rule of law. Using redumentary means of communication available in the valley after complete media gag, snapping of communication and undeclared censors the Bar members continued to highlight the plight of people caught up in this situation . The Bar promises to carry on the struggle to its logical conclusion and do anything and eveything possible within its means…Spekesperson.