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5.7.2016…Press Release of Bar Association

press release

J&K High Court Bar Association Srinagar, strongly condemns the terrorist attack on three cities of Saudi Arabia including the Holy city of Medina-Munawara and while expressing the solidarity with the families of the Saudi Security Guards, who laid their lives in safeguarding the Masjid Nabvi, request all the heads of Muslim World to forge unity amongst their ranks and devise a concrete and solid policy to defeat the sinister design of the enemies of Islam.

While appreciating and applauding the role played by the Saudi Security Guards in preventing the terrorist to enter Masjid-i-Nabvi where millions of people had gathered to offer Magrib payers, the Bar Association requests the Saudi Govt. to increase the security around Kaba-tullah and Masjid Nabvi and make foolproof arrangements in safeguarding the two Holy Grand Mosques of Muslim Ummah from the onslaught of the cruel and ruthless forces, who have all along been trying to desecrate the two Holy Places of Worship of Islam, by whatever means possible. The Bar Association, in this behalf also requests the Makkah Police to intensify security patrols on all highways leading to Makkah and Medina Munawara and impresses upon the concerned authorities to keep a close visual on the movement of everyone while carrying out the extension works in the two Grand Mosques by installing High Definition CCTV cameras all around.

The Bar Association also extends its Idd greeting to the Muslim World in general and the people of State in particularly and requests them that while celebrating Idd-ul-Fitr they should not lose sight of the poor, needy and downtrodden people living in their vicinity and around in whatever way possible.


Bashir Sidiq,

General Secretary,

      J&K High Court,

                                                           Bar Association, Srinagar.

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