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27.3.2016…Press Note of Bar Association

press release

On the 19th martyrdom of Shaheed Jalil Andrabi, a seminar was held today in lower court complex at Sanat Ghar Bemina Srinagar, on the topic of “Political prisoners languishing in Jails and the political situation arising after the announcement of Agenda of alliance by the BJP-PDP combine.”

The seminar started with the recitation of Holy Qur’an by Mr. Mujtaba Gandroo, Advocate, which was followed with a “Naat” by Mr. Mohammad Shafiq Mir.

1.      In his Inaugural speech Mr. Mian Abdul Qayoom, Advocate and President of the Bar Association paid rich tributes to Shaheed Jalil Andrabi and other martyrs of the Bar and of the state of J&K, who have laid down their lives for the sacred cause of freedom of Kashmir. He stated that Avtar Singh the army personal, who committed the custodial murder of Jalil Andrabi, met his fate by killing himself and it was sure to happen to him because every tyrant can’t live forever, in disgrace. He also stated that today’s topic has four parts, one relates to Jalil Andrabi and other martyrs. The second relates to the political prisoners of Kashmir languishing in jails. The third and fourth relates to the BJP and PDP common minimum programme. He said that by killing people in custody Govt. of India wanted to sabotage and crush the ongoing freedom struggle and by detaining political prisoners in jails they want them to succumb to the pressure. He said that we should fight our enemy unitedly. He said that our struggle is a legitimate one and for defeating our legitimate struggle, Govt. of India and its agencies want to change the demography of the State. He said that BJP had devised a scheme of capturing the power by getting 44+ seats in the recent Assembly elections and when they failed in their scheme, they joined PDP for carrying forward their mission and agenda. He said that we should take stock of the happenings around us and defeat the BJP-PDP common minimum programme relating to the settlement of West Pakistan refugees and constitution of delimitation commission and defeat the Indian design.

2.      Mr. Mufti Mehraj, Advocate while paying rich tributes to Jalil Andrabi and other martyrs said that Kashmiri people have been always deceived by their leaders. He said that our leadership should sit together and devise a common minimum programme to defeat Indian designs in Kashmir.

3.      Mr. Javaid Ahmad Mir, who represented Hurriyat Conference (M) stated that we have assembled here to pay tributes to Jalil Andrabi and other martyrs, who have laid their lives for the freedom of Kashmir. He stated that I salute the Bar Association for remembering its martyrs. He said that india has committed before the Security Council of the United Nations that it will give a chance to the people of Kashmir to exercise their right of self-determination in a free, fair and impartial plebiscite, but by enacting and applying draconian laws to the state and by bringing thousands and thousands of army personnel over here, it has occupied our sacred land forcibly. He said that I request the pro-freedom leadership to unite and fight against the tyrants with one voice. He said that the Govt. of J&K is being run from Nagpur and BJP is executing its agenda through PDP. He said that we should not forget the sacrifices of our martyrs. He said that FIR has been registered against Asiya Andrabi because she had hoisted a Pakinstani flag on 23.03.2015 which is not an offence under any law. He also referred to the case of Masrat Alam and said that after detaining him six times under PSA, when Govt. was compelled to release him, it was opposed on unfounded and baseless grounds. He said that Govt. of India is following Israili policy in the state and in the name of settling and rehabilitating refugees and giving them the status of a permanent resident of the state, they want to change the demography of the state, which should be opposed by one all.

4.      Mr. Majid Jahangir, Advocate stated that Shaheed Jalil Andrabi was a true lover of the state of J&K. He loved every part and parcel of Kashmir. He loved every stream and every river. He said that our martyrs have changed history. He said that Jalil Andrabi changed the label of cowardness from every Kashmiri and he showed that we are not cowards but brave we can’t be broken by any tyrant. He said that we should unite for taking our freedom struggle to its logical end.

5.      Mr. Bashir Ahmad Bhat, Vice President, JKLF stated that Jalil Andrabi was actually Jalil-ul-Qadr Andrabi and whenever he was arrested and detained illegally and unlawfully before 1990 or therafter, Jalil Andrabi was always with me. He said that we should think seriously on certain issues, the important one being our disunity. He said it is strange that we are fighting for one and the same cause but we are scattered. He said that our enemy is very clever. He doesnot want that we should be one. He referred to the release of Masrat Alam and said that even after detaining him six times under PSA, there was hue and cry over his release. He also referred to the registration of FIR against Asiya Andrabi and said that she by hoisting Pakistani flag on 23.03.2015 has not committed any crime. Indians are hoisting their flags all over the world and if that is not a crime, how can it be called a crime if someone hoists a Pakistani flag in his/her office. We should defeat our enemy by our words and deeds. RSS is actually behind BJP Govt. at Delhi and in J&K. He said that I was in jail in 1971 when Bangladesh came into existence. At that time also there was a struggle for freedom in Kashmir and even today the said freedom struggle is going on though Govt. of India has deployed about a million armed personnel over here. He said that our political prisoners are being maltreated in jails but even then they have not succumbed to the pressure. He said that the Bar Association should constitute a team, who will go to every leader and request him to unite and those who will not agree, should be exposed. He said that I have not come to give any sermon but to request all of you to unite and take the freedom struggle to its logical end.

6.      Mr. Mohammad Yousuf Chapri, stated that if Kashmir issue is not resolved then there will be another partition of India. He said that Indian leaders have promised us plebiscite and for the last 68 years India has delayed the holding of such plebiscite in the state malafidely. He said that I have remained associated with Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Molvi Mohammad Yousuf Shah, Chowdhary Ghulam Abbas and other pro-freedom leaders. He said that I have talked to every Indian leader, but I have found that none is truthful. He said that if Subhash Chandra Bose is revered as a leader by India because he asked for freedom, then what about Jalil Andrabi, who was more dedicated and more devoted to the cause of freedom, than him. He said that we should build a memorial for our martyrs. He said that we should not get disheartened. We would definitely get freedom one day provided we remain united.

7.      Dr. Nisar-ul-Hassan, President Doctors Association, stated that though I don’t know Jalil Andrabi personally but I have heard that he was born brave. He was committed to the cause of freedom from his childhood. We should be proud of our martyrs. He said that it is an honour to fight against suppression and oppression and if in the process you die, you are successful. He said that the West Pakistan refugees were made to settle in Jammu under a plan and now they are being given permanent residentship to change the demography of the state constitution of delimitation commission is also a conspiracy to give more seats to Jammu. He said that though if these issues are very important but they are the off shoots of the main issue, which is awaiting its resolution for the last 68 years. He said that we are not sincerely supporting the cause. Till such time we want to become a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, a professor, etc., we can’t succeed in our struggle. We have to choose between the two. Either we are with the movement or else we are not with it.

8.      Mr. Mudasar, Advocate, representative of District Bar Association, Bandipora, stated that in this seminar different speakers have spoken about different issues, but to me the utmost and important issue is the mobilization of young generation of Kashmir. We have to give a message to the young people that what we are asking for is the right of self-determination. We have to work whole heartedly for the cause. We have played our role but we have to pass on it to young people. When BJP and PDP has united why can’t we all people unite when we have a common goal.

9.      Mr. Mohammad Yousuf Mir, of Muslim League stated that all the issues highlighted in the seminar are the off shoots of one problem viz. Kashmir issue. He said that unless Kashmir issue is settled, these peripheral issues will crop of from time to time. He said there is no difference between BJP and PDP. They are two faces of one and the same coin. Masrat Alam had to be released but to see that Dr. Qasim does not get out hue and cry was raised. He said that we should follow the teachings of Islam. He said that ever since United Nations has come into existence, has any problem of Muslims been solved by it. He said some world powers are using UN for their personnel ends. He referred to the statement of an Israeli leader and said that India is following the same policies in the state of J&K which Israel is following in Palestine. He said that we should evolve a strategy to defeat Indian policies on Kashmir. He said that we should unite and our common minimum programme should be to force India to leave Kashmir. We should be ready to give any sacrifice for the cause.

10. Mr. Arshad Andrabi, Advocate stated that we should be ready for Jihad and then only there will be reward of Allah for us. There are people in Kashmir who are working for the rights of the people of Kashmir our movement is for the right of self-determination. The Indian occupation of Kashmir is illegal. Six lakh Muslims were killed in Jammu in November, 1947 just to change the demography of the state. The refugees who are being given permanent resident status, have come from West Pakistan and they are about a million. If they are given permanent resident status, it will again change the demography. Giving nine more seats to Jammu will also change the demography. The ghar-wapsi programme is also a device to change demography. We should not compromise with evil. We should fight the evil designs of Hindu chauvinists. We should not get disenchanted. We will definitely succeed in our mission if we stand united.

11. Asiya Andrabi, Chairperson, Dukhtaran-i-millat stated that agenda of BJP/PDP has been conceived by RSS and Indian agencies and it is being implemented by BJP/PDP combine. There is no difference between BJP/PDP. If Congress and National Conference brought army in Kashmir, PDP has brought Indian leaders in Kashmir, through BJP. She said that refugees of West Pakistan have already been settled in Jammu. She said that Lubha Ram Gandhi has already exposed the aforesaid Indian game plan. It is now only an eye wash, when someone says that they will be settled. These refugees have already been given 6 acres of land per person in Bhagwati Nagar, R.S.Pora and elsewhere. She said that according to Lubha Ram Gandhi, Hindus of Punjab migrated to Jammu in 1984 when there was turmoil in Punjab and they were all settled in Jammu. Jain Bazar of Jammu belongs to these Hindus of Punjab.

She said that we should understand the agenda of RSS. She said that we have been celebrating Pakistan Day every year but this year, at the behest of RSS, hue and cry was raised. Only to see that such kind of thought doesnot survive in Kashmir. She said that Kashmir is a disputed territory and if in this territory India hoists a flag, what is wrong with the hoisting of Pakistani flag, over here, when Pakistani is a party to the dispute. She said that if pandits want to come back, they should come back as ordinary people and not in groups or live in colonies or camps. They have already sold their properties to Muslims and if they want to come back, they should come back only after purchasing land or any other property as a common man. She said that Kashmiris have never accepted that they are Indians. We want freedom from India and a day will come when we will achieve our freedom. She said the Bar Association should organize a three day workshop and all the pro-freedom organization/groups/individuals should be called to the workshop so as to discuss the Kashmir problem in its entirety and devise ways and means to succeed in our struggle.

12. Mr. Nazir Ahmad Ronga, Advocate, stated that in 1993 I had an occasion to go to Assam to participate in a seminar, where there were people of all walks of life. He said that everyone over there said that Kashmir has forcibly been kept with it by India. He said that India has used every weapon and adopted every mechanism to keep Kashmir with it but it has not succeeded in its nefarious designs. He said that now it is using “Hindutva” card which is the last weapon in its armory and it will also not succeed. He said that we will definitely get freedom, but when we will get it, we should not be in such a position that we will have to beg for everything. We should read and get knowledge. He said that knowledge is everything. He said that we should make Indian running of Govt. in J&K state difficult and it cannot be done by boycotting the elections.

13. Mr. Peer Saif-ul-lah, representative of Hurriyat Conference (G) stated that to succeed in our struggle is not upto us. It is upto Allah. If he wishes we can succeed and if he doesnot, then we can’t succeed. He referred to the pact of Hudaibia and said that even though the companions of Prophet (PBUH) were ready to fight but Allah did not want them to fight and without fighting they succeeded. He said that by remembering the martyrs, we are in fact playing a part in our freedom struggle. He paid rich tributes to Jalil Andrabi and other martyrs.

14. Mr. Mohammad Amin Bhat, Advocate, stated that seminars are always aimed to educate the people. He said that Hindus, Christians and Jews are all united against Muslims is well known but when a Muslim deceives a Muslim, it is surprising and needs attention. We should be straightforward and upright and play our role positively. He requested Asiya Andrabi to organize a workshop and call all those people in that workshop who she feels, are an asset to the freedom struggle and in that workshop devise ways and means to take the movement to its logical end. There should be only one party, which should espouse the cause of the people of Kashmir. He saluted Asiya Andrabi for her courage in defying Indian propaganda on hoisting a Pakistani flag on 23.03.2015 in her office. She said we are at her back and will give her all support in foiling Indian designs in arresting her or placing her behind the bar.

15. Mr. Ghulam Nabi Shaheen, Advocate, stated that seminars are held to educate people. It is not a useless exercise but a profitable one. He said that we are involved in this freedom struggle from 1931 but we have failed to present a charter of freedom to the people. We should have fixed our targets. We have not been, however, in a position to expose the programmes and policies of our enemy. We are victims of the failure of Pakistan foreign policy on Kashmir. We have to resist all evil designs which are going to force an Endura type solution on Kashmir. We have to take structured steps for the freedom struggle.

At the end the President thanked the speakers and the participants and prayed Almighty Allah to help the people of Kashmir in achieving freedom from Indian Occupation.


Anwar-ul-Islam Shaheen,


Joint Secretary,

J&K High Court,

Bar Association,

Dated : 27.03.2014                                                                                                      Srinagar


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