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25.5.2016…Press Release of Bar Association

press release

J&K High Court Bar Association Srinagar, while terming the statement of Mehbooba Mufti, given by her in the State Legislative Assembly, yesterday, regarding migrant Pandits and Sainik colonies ridiculous and deceptive, once again makes it clear that it will oppose all moves of the Govt. to settle migrant Kashmiri Pandits in separate clusters, whether on temporary or permanent basis or to establish Sainik colonies for ex-servicemen in any part of the valley.

In an Executive Committee meeting held today, it was stated that when more than fifteen thousand Kashmiri Pandits, can peacefully live with their Muslim brethren in different parts of the valley, why should there be exclusive colonies or transit accommodations for Kashmir migrant Pandits, anywhere. Similarly, why ex-soldiers can’t live at their native places, rather than be settled in Sainik colonies. If those ex-soldiers are really in need of a plot of land for construction of their houses, what prevents the State Govt. to provide them the said plot of land in the village or Mohalla where they are putting up alongwith other members of their families. Why is it necessary to establish residential colonies for the ex-soldiers and once they are settled in those fortified colonies, what is the guarantee as to who would live there. Would not these Sainik colonies or transitory or permanent clusters and townships become a den of conspiracies against the people of Kashmir and would not those who live in these colonies and clusters indulge in all sort of activities aimed at to undermine and diminish the Muslim majority character of the state. Is it not a fact that RSS which is running the Govt. and ruling India at present has an agenda for weakening the ongoing freedom struggle of the people of Kashmir and do they not believe in the philosophy that “Kashmir has a vast space for expansion of population and if industrialized, it can absorb crores of people from India”. It was therefore, stated that it is everybody’s responsibility to oppose such nefarious plans tooth and nail.

The Executive Committee members also condemned the unlawful arrest and detention of Mohammad Yasin Malik Chairman, JKLF, who was arrested five days back and lodged in a police station and since then has not been produced before any court or magistrate for obtaining remand against him. The executive committee members also condemned the continuous house arrest of S.A.S Geelani and other pro-freedom leaders who are not been allowed to move out of their houses or to offer their Friday prayers in the mosques.

The Executive members of the Bar Association requests the UN Human Rights Organizations, Amnesty International, Asia Watch and other Associations of the World to take notice of events which are taking place in Kashmir and play their positive role in getting the Kashmir issue settled in accordance with the wishes of the people.

Bashir Sidiq,

General Secretary,

      J&K High Court,

Dated : 29.05.2016                                                                  Bar Association.

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