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17.3.2016 Press Release of Bar Association

press release

J&K High Court Bar Association Srinagar, condemns, in strongest possible terms, the deliberate, intentional and malicious statement of Subramanuim Swamy, made by him at Bishnu Nirmala Bhawan Assam that “Masjids are not religious places but buildings for offering prayers and hence there is no fault in demolishing Masjids”.

Masjid, in Islam is a place to worship Allah and it is ordained for every Muslim to see that the Mosques of Allah are maintained only by those who believe in Allah and the Day of Judgment and fear none, but Allah and it is they who are on true guidance. Masjids are sacred to the Muslims and when a place is earmarked or reserved for Mosque, it can’t be used for any other purpose. The Muslims have to look after Mosques and keep them clean and to protect these places of worship from any and all kind of onslaught.

Subramanuim Swamy, who is known for making outrageous statements against Muslims for gaining cheap publicity, has by making the aforesaid atrocious statement outraged and insulted the religious feelings, sentiments and faith of Muslims all over the world and has infact tried, in league with the organizers of the meeting, to persuade the participants of the meeting to use criminal force for demolishing mosques in Assam and other places all over India, which besides being highly condemnable, warrants action under the Penal Provisions of law, against him and others.

The Bar Association requests the authorities to proceed against Subramanuim Swamy by filing a complaint under section 153-A 295-A readwith section 120-B RPC in the court of law forthwith, so that he is prosecuted and punished for his sinful act or otherwise appropriate legal proceedings will be initiated against him by the Bar Association under the relevant provisions of law.


Mohammad Ashraf Bhat,

General Secretary,

                     J&K High Court,

Dated : 17.03.2015                                                                   Bar Association.

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