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15.7.2016….Press Release of Bar Association on killings in Kashmir

J&K High Court Bar Association Srinagar, strongly condemns the use of brute force by Army, CRPF and J&K Police in killing more than 37 unarmed civilians and injuring about 1500 of them in different parts of Kashmir valley during the past few days of umbrage, out of whom more than 200 have received pallet injuries and are about to lose their eye sight forever.
While terming the killing of innocent civilians a systemic genocide of Kashmiri Muslims, the bar association terms the use of pallet guns as a weapon of offence, for inflicting a severe kind of injury of perpetual nature on hapless people, most of whom are teen agers to render them permanently disabled.
The Bar Association feels that the High Court, where the use of pallet guns had been questions by several members of the Bar Association in the past has also not considered the impact of such injuries and by dismissing the Public Interest Writ Petitions and the Review Petitions, it has virtually allowed the police and other forces to play with the lives of the people, without being accountable for their crime. The Bar Association feels that the matter therefore, deserves a relook and a reconsideration thereof more particularly in the context of the recent judgment of the Supreme Court which has directed that the Security Personnel cannot use excessive force in the garb of Armed Forces Special Powers Act, so that the use of pallet guns which has played havoc with the lives of the people, is ordered to be stopped forever.
The Bar Association also feels that the sending of three member team of eye specialists from AIMS, New Delhi to J&K, to assist the state in providing medical care to more than 200 pallet gun victims, who for saving themselves from police onslaught and persecution, have not even disclosed their identity to the hospital authorities, as an act of rubbing salt in the wounds of Kashmiri people, who for the last about 70 years have been facing worst kind of state repression. The Govt. of India instead of sending these three doctors to J&K State should have honored and respected their promises and assurances given to the people of Kashmir of holding an impartial plebiscite in the State under the UN auspices, so that there would be an end to their sufferings and miseries. It should have also ordered the banning of pallet guns, so as to save the people of police barbarism. When the use of pallet guns is not stopped and the police is given a free hand to use the said weapon of offence, against the Kashmiri people, day in and day out, what is the use of sending three doctors to assist the State authorities in treating more than 200 pallet gun victims, is beyond ones comprehension and clearly appears to be an eye wash to mislead the International Community.
The Bar Association requests the United Nations, Organisation of Islamic Countries and the members of International Community to take serious notice of the happenings of Kashmir and play their positive role in liberating Kashmiri Muslims from Indian Odious scourge and besides getting those punished who are responsible for the genocide and the crime committed against the humanity also raise their strong voice in getting the Kashmir people getting rid of Indian subjugation and tyranny.

Bashir Sidiq,
J&K High Court,
Dated : 14.07.2016 Bar Association, Srinagar.

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