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15.6.2016…Press Release of Bar Association

press release

J&K High Court Bar Association Srinagar, strongly condemns the use of force, against the people of Bemina and Batamaloo, Srinagar who were peacefully protesting against the dastardly killing of Sheikh Tanvir Sultan, who was martyred in a State Transport Corporation Bus, by the police at Kud, on 13.06.2016.

Expressing its solidarity with the family of the deceased, the Bar Association demands that a High Level Judicial Enquiry be ordered in the matter, so that the people will know as to how and in what manner, a 32 year old youth, who was reportedly suffering from a Psychiatric ailment, for the last two decades and was going to Amritsar for treatment of his shoulder, was murdered alongwith a woman at Kud.

The Bar Association also condemns the arrest and detention of Pro-freedom leaders and their activists, who day in and day out, are being arrested and put behind bars, with the sole aim to stop them from raising their voice, against the highhandedness of police and hegemony of Indian imperialism.

The Bar Association also appeals the people to express their solidarity with the Kashmiri prisoners on 17.06.2016, by organizing special prayers for their release, because these prisoners of conscience are languishing in jails, inside and outside the State, only because they want India to fulfil its promise and commitment and settle the issue of Kashmir in accordance with the wishes of the people, strictly in accordance with more than 27 UN Resolutions on Kashmir, which are awaiting implementation for the last 67 years, during which period millions of people have been massacred by the Indian occupational forces, to suppress their legitimate demand of holding plebiscite in the State of J&K.

The Bar Association also requests the people of Islamabad/Anantnag to boycott the upcoming elections and not to cast their vote, as the participation by the people in any election, has been and is being used by India in the International Foras, against the ongoing freedom struggle launched by the people of Kashmir. Even though, all the so-called elections held in the State so far, have always been farcical in nature, yet in order to mislead the International community, the Indian authorities are using these elections, as a people’s verdict in favour of India, which of-course is not true, but is made to look like that, to suppress the ongoing freedom struggle.


Bashir Sidiq,

General Secretary,

      J&K High Court,

Dated : 15.06.2016                                                       Bar Association, Srinagar.

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