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10.7.2016….Press Release of Bar Association

press release

The Executive Committee members of the J&K High Court Bar Association Srinagar, in an extra ordinary meeting, has condemned the killing of more than a dozen civilians at Kulgam, Anantnag and others Districts of the State and injuring of more than a hundred of them, by the ruthless forces.

The members also paid glowing tributes to Shaheed Burhan Wani and his other two associates, who died in a gun-fight with police and Indian Army in Waybemdura Village, falling in Kokernag area of South Kashmir’s Anantnag District. The members while remembering the sacrifices of Burhan’s family, rendered by them in the ongoing freedom struggle stated that the path chosen by Shaheed Burhan Wani and his other associates, for freeing Kashmir from Indian occupation, was a unique one. It was also stated that Shaheed Wani was loved by one and all, for his simplicity and commitment to the cause. It was also stated that even though his death has shocked everyone, but by his conviction, he has illuminated hundreds of minds and souls, who are bound to carry forward his mission, without compromising with their cherished desire of seeing Kashmir free.

The Executive Committee members also condemned the vicious campaign unleashed by Indian rulers, their media and fanatic Hindus, against World renowned Islamic Scholar, Preacher and Propagator of Islam namely Dr. Zakir Naik and termed the same as a conspiracy hatched by BJP-RSS combine and all other communal forces to showdown the Muslims and stop them from spreading the universal message of Islam. The Bar members also stated that Indian rulers who day in and day out are claiming that India is a biggest democracy of the World and that in India, everybody is free to profess, preach and propagate his religion, have exposed themselves before the world community in maligning Dr. Zakir Naik, who has all along been trying to educate the people about the true message of Islam. The Bar members demanded that the Indian rulers and their media should stop its campaign of vilification against Dr. Zakir Naik and direct all the News Channels to stop fuming hatred against Dr. Zakir Naik, as he has said nothing which can be remotely termed to be a terrorist activity, under any law for the time being in force in India. It was also stated that Dr. Zakir Naik is not forcing anyone to agree with him. He has only been propounding his view point in the context of Islam and its teachings. Since he has studied other religions also, therefore, sometimes he refers to the other scriptures as well, to bring home his point and if someone in Dhaka or America or Tabacto is impressed by his speeches, it should be taken a tribute to him and not something to initiate any kind of action against him. Dr. Zakir Naik doesnot disrespect any religion, followed by other people of India, but has always been at pains to identify the similarities of all the religions and Islam, so that people pray one Allah and besides maintaining communal harmony, do not fight with each other, which should be appreciated by one and all.

The Bar members also expressed their grief over the sad demise of celebrated humanitarian and Chairman Edhi Foundation namely Abdul Sattar Edhi, who died at the age of 92 in Karachi on Friday and stated that in his death Pakistan has lost a well-wisher of its people and a social worker of highest order, who was running largest charitable organization in Pakistan single handedly to serve the humanity at large, irrespective of any consideration for color, creed, race or religion.



Bashir Sidiq,

General Secretary,

      J&K High Court,

Dated : 10.07.2016                                                                     Bar Association, Srinagar.

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